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Little Black Dress - Jazz & Ballads - is a cool, classy entertainment sensation courtesy of these sexy songbirds.

With smoky renditions of classic and contemporary jazz hits along with a smouldering selection of heart-breaking ballads, Little Black Dress is sure to inject both elegance and style into any event.

Ideal for background ambience at cocktail parties, sundowners and dinner, or as a classy interlude between entree and main with a classic-packed floorshow, Little Black Dress will leave your clients breathless and hungry for more. With their designer label evening gowns and sparkling repartee, they imbue each performance with both style and substance.

The “jazz and ballads” package is available as a duo or trio and includes a range of entertainment options, all of which can be customised to suit your needs and budget.

You might also like to consider a solo performance from talented Little Black Dress songstress, Claire Jones, who as lead singer of her college jazz band in Tyler, Texas toured throughout America's south including destinations in Louisiana such as the Cat's Meow on Bourbon Street, New Orleans and a number of venues throughout Georgia, California and New York.